Apply for an Affiliate Code

Promote your Affilate Link

Once you've applied, we'll email you an Affiliate Code and your own personal Sign-Up Link. You can share that link with whoever you like. You can also promote your link on your website, blog and emails.

Just right-click and download/save to your desktop then apply as you see fit. Don't forget to link the ad to your personal Affiliate Sign-Up link, that we sent you via email when you signed up for the Affiliate program above. Feel free to resize the ads to suit or create your own.

Option 1: Banner Ad

Use this 760 x 120px animated gif.

Option 2: Skyscraper Ad

Use this 600 x 160px static jpg.

Option 3: Animated Ad

Use this 200 x 150px animated gif.

Option 4: Static Ad

Use this 200 x 150px static jpg.

Option 5: Text Only

You can just use plain old HTML text.

Write it like this: <a href="insert your personal affiliate link here">Never lose brand artwork again! Save your brand here</a>.

Here's an example of the resulting link: Never lose brand artwork again! Save your brand here.