BrandFM™ (2010 to 2017)

BrandFM™ is a legacy service, now retired (replaced by Brandkit™).

A brief history:

  • 1997 E-see Brand Management System (world's first multi-tenant, cloud based, brand asset management SaaS) released
  • 2010 - BrandFM launched (replacing the original E-see Brand Management System)
  • 2016 - Brandkit, the replacement for BrandFM is launched.
  • November 2017 - Migration of customers to Brandkit completed, BrandFM retires (closes down).

A look back at BrandFM™

Here's an example of what BrandFM looked like. Showing a skinned customer account.

BrandFM screenshot for Reckitt Benckiser account
e.g. Reckitt Benckisers's Image Library

Looking for an old BrandFM account ?

In most cases you can use the same subname of the old BrandFM account to find the new Brandkit account.

e.g. stihl.brandfm.com is now stihl.brandkit.io, etc

Most *.brandfm.com urls will auto redirect automatically, so you shouldn't need to worry about this for some time, although eventually these reditects will stop working.